Our Classes

At Annesdale Enrichment Center we offer a variety of classroom settings tailored to certain age ranges to ensure your child receive optimal care. Our teachers implement activities, play time and age-appropriate educational sessions to help your little one grow in the best way possible. Our classes range from infancy to 5 years old. Take a look below to see our classes and call us today at (901) 746-9489!

Babies are God's gift to the world and that is a sentiment certainly upheld here at Annesdale Enrichment Center. Our caretakers are well-versed in offering the best care for infants by developing trust and creating a peaceful, structured environment where babies can thrive in these early stages of life. We do our part to encourage skills such as rolling, sitting, crawling, walking, running, climbing and more.

At this age, your little one is becoming more active and aware! They are truly in the big kid category and so we offer stimulating classes that engage your child. Our teachers supplement the day with fun crafts, story time, play time and stimulating educational activities to help your child learn songs, letters, numbers and so much more!

Just a step up from the two year old room, here your child will receive committed care in the amazing three year old room! Our teachers encourage your little ones to play and engage socially with other children both in the class room setting and in play! We offer hands-on activity including arts and crafts, number recognition, name spelling, and other academic activities vital to growth!

In our extraordinary 4 and 5 year old classroom, we shift our focus to preparation for kindergarten. Our caring staff will encourage your young ones to practice their writing skills, counting, creative projects, science experiments and other fundamental activities to stimulate essential growth and development.